Bronco Creek Exploration Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of
EMX Royalty Corporation (NYSE MKT:EMX, TSX-V:E

Bronco Creek Exploration Team

David A. Johnson, PhD
Position: Chief Geologist for EMX Royalty Corporation and Co-Founder of Bronco Creek Exploration

David Johnson has more than 24 years of industry experience in generative exploration and consulting for major mining companies. David is the co-founder of Bronco Creek Exploration, and currently serves as the Chief Geologist for EMX Royalty Corporation. David specializes in developing new exploration ideas and opportunities utilizing innovative geologic approaches. He excels in designing, implementing, and managing broad-based mineral exploration programs, ranging from region-selection to property evaluation. Past research activities focused on the application of ore genesis and mass-transfer to mineral exploration where he co-developed a new deposit model for Fe-oxide-Cu-Au (IOCG) deposits and co-authored review papers on porphyry and IOCG deposits for the Economic Geology 100th Anniversary Volume. David graduated from The Colorado College in 1988 with a B.A. in geology, and later earned his PhD from the University of Arizona in 2000. Current exploration activities are focused on broad-based mineral exploration programs in North America.

David Maher, PhD
Position: Vice President Target Generation

David Maher has 23 years of mineral exploration and mine geology experience in Arizona and Nevada. He graduated with a B.S. in geology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1991. He commenced his M.S. studies with John Dilles in 1991 and began working with Eric Seedorff in the Robinson  District in Ely, Nevada, in 1992. Robinson is a highly extended porphyry copper system with an excellent geologic data set: more than 125 years of geologic mapping and well over 4 million feet of drilling. The well-constrained geology and structural relationships at Robinson strongly influenced his subsequent geologic interests in the structural dismemberment of porphyry copper deposits, including research and application to mine modeling and mineral exploration. David graduated with an M.S. in economic geology from Oregon State University in 1995 and moved to Tucson to work in copper exploration and mine modeling with Magma Copper Co, BHP, and other companies in Arizona, Nevada, and northern Sonora, Mexico. In 2001, he enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Arizona to further study middle Tertiary extension of Laramide porphyry copper systems in southeast Arizona with professors Mark Barton and Eric Seedorff. David defended his dissertation and joined the BCE team in December 2007. Jensen, PhD
Position: General Manager, Exploration for EMX Royalty Corporation and Co-Founder of Bronco Creek Exploration

Eric Jensen has 22 years of industry experience including positions as mine geologist, mine-site exploration geologist, grassroots exploration geologist, and as a consultant to several major mining companies. Eric is a co-founder of Bronco Creek Exploration and current General Manager of Exploration for EMX Royalty Corporation.  He has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of regional-scale sampling programs and geologic evaluations of properties and prospective terrains.  He has relevant exploration, research and academic experience in mineral deposits related to alkaline magmatism, "high-and-low-sulfidation" epithermal gold deposits, porphyry-style deposits, mesothermal lode gold systems, and Fe-oxide-Cu-Au systems. Eric graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota in 1993 with a B.A in Geology, and received his PhD in Economic Geology from the Center for Mineral Resources at the University of Arizona in 2003. McCarrel, M.Sc. 
Position: Exploration Geologist

Michael McCarrel has several years of economic geology experience, focusing primarily on porphyry copper and carlin-style gold exploration in the western United States.  Michael graduated in 2009 with a B.S. in Geology from the University of Wyoming.  During his undergraduate career, Michael became interested in ore deposits, particularly in porphyry deposits.  That interest led to the University of Arizona, where Michael studied skarn mineralization at the Resolution porphyry copper deposit, with Eric Seedorff and Mark Barton as his advisors.  Michael earned his Master’s degree from the University of Arizona in 2012.  Michael has been a part of the EMX Royalty team since 2012, and currently serves as Senior Exploration Geologist in the Tucson, Arizona (BCE) office.  Michael specializes in utilizing strong geologic fundamentals and a system-scale approach to mineral exploration.  This approach, coupled with the application of creative and unconventional thinking to historically explored terrains and mineral districts, results in previously unrecognized opportunities.  In addition to generative exploration, Michael is intimately involved in the relationships with partners, both in a business development and project manager capacity.  He also plays a role in the general management of the BCE team.

Advisors and Affiliates

Mark D. Barton, PhD 
Position: Advisor

Mark Barton has been instrumental in driving innovative research applied to ore deposits in North and South America for nearly 30 years. Currently a professor of Economic Geology at the University of Arizona, he is also the director of the Center for Mineral Resources and a cofounder of the Institute for Mineral Resources. Dr. Barton is a renowned economic geologist and petrologist, a Society of Economic Geology Lindgren award winner, and author of numerous papers including landmark reviews on ore deposits and metallogeny. Mark’s current research focuses on magmatic evolution and its links with hydrothermal deposits, the role of surficial conditions in mass transfer systems, and the regional and global patterns of mineralization through time. His studies have centered on southwestern North America and Pacific Rim porphyry, skarn, Fe-oxide(-REE-Cu-Au), and other igneous-related systems. Collaborative research in progress where he has a leading role includes: porphyry Cu Lifecycles in southwestern North America and its broader crustal context; regional geologic framework and origin of Carlin-type gold deposits; characteristics and origin of Fe-oxide(REE-Cu-Au) mineralization; granite petrogenesis and lithophile element mineralization in the Great Basin; and metallogenic synthesis of Mexico and adjoining regions. Mark earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology from Virginia Tech, and a PhD degree in Geology from the University of Chicago. 

Eric Seedorff, PhD
Position: Advisor

Eric Seedorff has contributed his expertise in porphyry-related deposits, extensional tectonics, and hydrothermal alteration-mineralization to the mineral exploration and development industries for nearly 30 years. Eric currently is a professor and holder of the Lowell Chair in Economic Geology in the Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, where he leads a post-graduate education and training program for geologists in the minerals industry. Immediately prior to becoming a faculty member, Eric was an entrepreneur for two years. His earlier positions in industry included Vice President Mineral Resources for BHP Copper, Chief Geologist of Magma Copper Company in Tucson, Chief Mine Geologist for Magma on the Robinson project, and an exploration geologist for WestGold and Chevron Resources in the Great Basin. He held various summer jobs in Nevada, mostly with Noranda Exploration. Eric has been active in the Society of Economic Geologists, is a past President of both the Arizona Geological Society and the Geological Society of Nevada. Eric also was lead author of the porphyry deposit review paper for the Economic Geology 100th Anniversary Volume.